How to OCR screenshot on Windows

Convert your screenshot to text

In many situations, we have to spend plenty of time to deal with high volume scanning documents, retyping words from these “Image” documents and correcting them. With the help of OCR technology, we could get the efficiency and effectiveness increased greatly. However, picking up the most suitable application is not quite easy. Too many “Huge” software packs too complex functionalities that we don’t need in our office work. Expensive and unnecessary.

That’s why you should consider using Easy Screen OCR. Neat, free and focus on only one thing: Extracting text from the pictures in a most effective way. You can walk through this post to learn how to use it.

Step 1: Download and Launch

Download and install Easy Screen OCR for Windows to your computer. It is 100% clean and super small in size compared with other OCR application. It should be mentioned that you should keep your network live because the OCR process is based on Google Cloud.

You can expect a smooth download and installation experience. Launch the program and you will find an icon appears on your taskbar. Right-click on it and the menu pops up.

right click on easyscreenocr to show menu

Step 2: Configure preferences

Go to “Preferences” and you can find 4 tabs where you can configure your settings.

General: You can allow our program to launch at startup. Enable the “Beep” sound when you have captured a screenshot. “Stick to the top” is quite useful when you have too many windows. Also, you can adjust the transparency of the picture window.

Hotkey: You can set up your own shortcuts. Click the text filed and our program starts recording your key combination.

Local: It is not difficult to save your screenshot as image files or PDF files. Check the box and assign an output path.

Language: For some reasons, you should choose the recognition language before OCR process. Our program supports more than 100 languages.

Step 3: Start capturing screenshot

Then, you can start capturing your screenshot by using shortcuts. In addition, you can right-click the icon on the taskbar and click “Capture” button to begin the process. When you have captured a screenshot, this image will show in a new window.

easy screen ocr, capture screenshot

Step 4: Start OCR to get the text

The last step is clicking the OCR button. Our program will perform the OCR process in Cloud and return the results back when finished. You can expect a high recognition accuracy and just copy and paste the text for use.